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Complimentary local and international calls (selected countries) by 'handy' mobile phone service

for guests staying at The Montcalm Luxury Hotels


Exclusively at the Montcalm, the handy smartphone comes with our compliments, keeping you connected to your world. Make local or international calls to selected countries and access the internet with 3G data free of charge - and navigate the city with ease using intuitive online maps. Your handy device keeps you in the know as well as in touch, recommending restaurants, bars and places to visit you might never have known about. It's the essential accessory for a savvier city stay.

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels are setting a precedent in creating a hassle-free travel experience for all hotel guests.

Millions of people across the globe are used to being connected to the world at large 24-hours-a-day via their mobile devices, but when they travel to a foreign country there's no guarantee their service provider will operate overseas, thus denying them online access or even the ability to make a phone call. In an era when using a smartphone for just about everything is second nature, not being able to do so can be a major inconvenience. Travellers are invariably lost without them - literally.

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