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Corporate Club Rewards is not just a loyalty programme; it is our expression of your deep appreciation for your well-placed business with us. Enrolling on the programme automatically marks you as special, and as our fruitful association ameliorates with time, you increasingly become more special. This is manifested, as your rewards are more delightful.

Executive Level

When you sign up to Corporate Club Rewards, we will enrol you directly to the Executive level toenjoy all the benefits without the usual qualification process. Once your account is setup and confirmed, you can start placing bookings and collecting points right away. When you have collected the requisite number of points, you can start claiming your rewards. without delay. Executive Level members enjoy privileges like:

  • No Booking Fees
  • Points that never expire
  • 10 points for every pound spent for the bookings made on or before 18-January-2017 & 2 points for every pound spent for the bookings made after 18-January-2017
  • A welcome surprise Gift
  • 10% Discount on Food and beverages at selected hotels
  • Monthly Exclusive offers direct to your inbox

Club Class

Every booking and every point earned, adds to the distinction. We treasure our Club Class members and love to make them feel extra special. In that higher league, every delight is a different shade. When you spend 10,000 with us in any one year, you qualify to theClub Class Status. Benefits received are as follows:

  • All the Executive level benefits plus
  • 15% Bonus points on all base points earned once in every 12 months
  • 25% Discount On food and beverages at selected hotels

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